Friday, December 24, 2010

Expanded blueprint for v4

1.00    Implement Layer 2 Technologies

(a) 802.1d
(b) 802.1w
(c) 802.1s
(o) UDLD
(b) Pruning
(d) VTP Authentication
(e) VTP Versions
(f) Regular Macros
(g) Smart Macros
(h) SNMP
(i) Telnet and Telnet Controls
(j) SSH
(k) Banners
(l) Switch Virtual Interfaces (SVIs)
(m) 3560s and VoIP Phone Support
(n) SDM
(e) ISL
(f) 802.1Q
(g) Manual EtherChannel
(h) PaGP
(i) LACP
(j) Load Balancing Manipulation in EtherChannel
(k) QinQ Tunneling
(b) CHAP
(c) PAP
(f) PPP Reliable Transmission
(g) PPP Half Bridging
(h) MLP
(i) PPP Encryption MPPE