Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The original " why blog? " post.

I am using this as a means to track how my studies are going, I know pretty selffish of me. Perhaps! I think using the art of blogging I can sought of keep it going at all times and this place will serve as a good archive for me to look up any info on a specific topic that I stumbled upon, thereby serving as a ready reckoner.

Its very fresh so bare with me, as I was not all that keen at first and thought blogging will actually take some time away from me. As you know that time is scarse when you have a full-time job and ccie studies to manage. But what the heck lets give it a try ..

Feel free to comment… I like it when you do because it makes me feel like someone is actually listening and I am not just typing this to myself. :)

Btw, I will be doing the Routing and Switching track!!


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