Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Wise Progress for AUGUST!!

This time, I have got a slightly different approach towards my lab studies. Instead of starting my preparation with easy topics.. will be doing it in reverse.

Which mean difficult topics need to be tackled first(from experience I can tell you its always going to be advantageous to score the difficult ones first).

  • BGP 
  • IPV6
  • QOS 

I plan to do the above listed topics from  the below vendor workbooks, Narbik Advance Tech WB, Narbik STN WB, Narbik GAP WB, INE Vol1 v5 and INE Vol1 v4.5 which sums to be around 100 odd labs just for BGP. 

I am pretty well versed with the theory aspect of BGP, infact I have also nailed Cisco BGP 642-661 certification 2 years back. So I simply need to review and lab it up again. Below is my day wise progress
Will keep this chart updated.. as I go through it!! :) 


Edit: Sunday's are marked as family days.

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  1. Just updated my chart here.. good to see that I have taken it up and have been marching right ahead as per the planned approach.