Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trying to crawl back to the prep train!

Yeh, had been busy with work off late. But here I am with new list of to-do topics, if you have been following this blog then yes I was in hibernation all this while from the time I took a new job.. and then also went ahead and got married!! :)

Anyways, the job and married life seems to be kewl ..with any new role it takes some time for anyone of us to adjust and understand one's role in the organisation. So off-late I seem to have reached the comfort level and hence have decided to get back to my CCIE prep.

Also, back then when I started preparing I was mainly dependent on GNS3/Dynamips for my rack access(we all know that working with emulators is not for the faint hearted). Point being I did end up wasting a lot of time fixing emulator problems. I have been lucky enough to now have my own rack access pod setup(more on that coming up).. but now with this more dedicated approach, I should be better prepared to nail the beast.

I intend to work towards the goal for at least 3-4 hours on daily basis and tackle the lab topics on tech based approach. I know, it will be like starting fresh ATM if I think right of the bat then I can hardly remember the minute little details that I had worked on so hard.

So with a hope that things will come back to me gradually as I move up the path you will now see me blog more often here, if not daily. See you along.. :)

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